Evolving In Infinite Ways


Progress can be described as a noun or a verb.
Progress - (prəˈɡres) (verb) - move forward or onward in space or time
Progress - (präɡres) (noun) - growth or development; continuous improvement

An important thing to remember is whatever it is you may be trying to accomplish, is to take baby steps and don’t expect results overnight.

Stacey is here to encourage you to always be willing to try something new or something different if you want to feel better, do better, understand better, grow more, learn more, heal more, or love more.

Over the last 15 years or so she’s experienced progress as the noun and the verb. She’s faced obstacles and learned how to move forward. In that movement Stacey has been able to grow and continue to feel, do, be, see, exist, and understand the meaning of life better and better with time. She’s learned that there's genuine healing in expression. She’s also grown in her expression of who Stacey really is. Her passions, talents, gifts, goals, hobbies, love of self and others, and being aware of her emotions whether up or down. She wrote a book about her experience with Major Depressive Disorder. Click the link below to find out more about the book.

What are you doing to make progress in your life? Are you looking for inspirational content? Hearing from like minded individuals? You will find all of that and more here.

I have a blog series called All About Hope. This guest feature series is written by some amazing individuals who give their advice, support and stories about their lives, their mental health journey, and how they remain mentally healthy. Check out the blog below.




My Progression Through Depression