What is "Normal"?

Tell me, who made YOU the “normal” judge? Why is it so hard to accept someone for who they choose to be, what they choose to do, and how they choose to do it? It’s hard when conforming to a usual, typical or expected standard is all you know.

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When a Journal From the Past Speaks to You Today

The first thing I noticed when I found Journal #4 is the word "GROWTH" written on the cover. I found it very coincidental to see one of the words I had been focusing on, again. I was so excited, that I wanted to share the experience on social media and post a picture I'd taken of the front of the journal. I also wanted to share the quote I came up with, "Pain is a Gateway to Growth".

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Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

A Little History of National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Who Started It?

The monthly observance was started by Bebe Moore Campbell, who is also the late mother of Maia Moore Campbell who was a child actress/model. Maia is most known for starring in In The House with LL Cool J and Debbie Allen. She has also had a role in Thea, South Central and Poetic Justice. Maia has been in the media in not such a good light lately as going downhill, on crack, etc. If you know her whole story you might be a little more understanding of how her life has been after her mothers’ death.

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All About Hope (Series) - Written by Sonia Greer

The thing with depression or anxiety is that it hits you when you least expect it.

The first time I was diagnosed with depression I was really young, around 21. So far I’ve had 3 bouts with depression and also have experienced panic attacks and anxiety. I really genuinely felt like I was going to die right there and then.

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Unconditional Love (Poem)

Unconditional love begins with me. It begins when I can look in the mirror and say these things to myself and not run. I'll never punish myself for not being perfect, because there's no such thing. 

I love you when you have an attitude.

I love you when you're in a bad mood.

I love you when you have PMS.

I love you when you're confused.

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All About Expression

The treatment my therapist used is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Here's what Mayo Clinic has to say about it from their website. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a common type of talk therapy (psychotherapy). You work with a mental health counselor (psychotherapist or therapist) in a structured way, attending a limited number of sessions. CBT helps you become aware of inaccurate or negative thinking so you can view challenging situations more clearly and respond to them in a more effective way.

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All About Hope (Series) - Written by Ann Miszczak

Surviving to Thriving - Hi, I’m Ann Miszczak (miz-check). I am a mental health warrior. Let me share a bit of my background with you. I want to share this because I feel it will help you see the differences.

My past: Childhood abuse, CPS reports most of my childhood, moved frequently (47 times in 25 years of my life), anorexic, smoked weed + cigarettes, alcoholic at 13 years old - 21, Manic Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, High school dropout, teen mother (x3), welfare mama, and at more than one point “homeless” (couch surfing between places), suicide attempt survivor (x3).

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